Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2017 Awards

The PHM 2017 Awards were presented to distinguished pediatric hospital medicine professionals in the following categories: Quality and Patient Safety, Research, Education, Clinical Care and Collaborative Impact.

Award recipients are as follows:
Quality and Patient Safety – Patrick Brady, MD, MSc, FAAP
Outstanding Research – Katherine Auger, MD, MSc
Educational Excellence – Jennifer Maniscalco, MD, FAAP
Excellence in Clinical Care – Daniel Rauch, MD, FAAP, FHM
Collaborative Impact – the Advancing Pediatric Educator eXcellence (APEX) Program

Award recipients were presented with their awards on Saturday, July 22 at 1:15 p.m. immediately before the Top Articles presentation.

Award descriptions can be found below:

This award is designed to celebrate significant achievements by a pediatric hospitalist in the areas of quality improvement and patient safety during the prior year. Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate broad dissemination and sustainability of successful initiatives. Third-party nominations are encouraged but self-nominations may also be submitted.
This award highlights exceptional achievement by an investigator in the field of pediatric hospital medicine research during the prior year. Impact on a large number of hospitalized children will receive priority as will particularly creative research ideas. Special consideration will be given to nominees with outstanding future promise in pediatric hospital medicine research. Third-party nominations are encouraged but self-nominations may also be submitted.
This award recognizes an individual making outstanding contributions to the educational aspects of pediatric hospital medicine during the prior year. Examples might include advancement of the field through curriculum development, creation of innovative teaching techniques, or a truly inspirational teacher. Priority will be given to individuals that demonstrate objective evidence of teaching effectiveness. Outstanding creativity or novel ideas are also viewed favorably. Third-party nominations are encouraged but self-nominations may be submitted.
This award recognizes a pediatric hospitalist who is an excellent leader in the advancement of clinical care of hospitalized children. Nominees for this award should exhibit one or more of the following qualifiers: (1) Evidence of outstanding contributions to clinical care through the development of clinical services or teams that have improved patient care; (2) Excellence in practice management as evidenced by improved value or growth of services; (3) Exemplary role modeling of professionalism in Hospital Medicine to colleagues, learners and patients; and, (4) Outstanding leadership in or advocacy for Pediatric Hospital Medicine at the local, regional or national level.
This award recognizes a group that has worked collaboratively on a project relevant to the field of pediatric hospital medicine. Projects with the potential to have a significant impact on children’s health and/or the practice of hospital pediatrics are encouraged. Projects will be considered in the fields of Quality Improvement, Education and Research. Evidence of multi-disciplinary collaboration is encouraged. Single institution or multi-institution projects will be considered. Third-party nominations are encouraged but self-nominations may be submitted.

PHM Awards Committee:

Francisco Alvarez, MD, Chair, PHM Awards Committee: [email protected]
Annie Andrews, MD, Member, PHM Awards Committee, [email protected]
Lindsay Chase, MD, Member, PHM Awards Committee, [email protected]
Jennifer O’Toole, MD Member, PHM Awards Committee, [email protected]
Kris Rhem, MD, Member, PHM Awards Committee, [email protected]

Questions regarding the awards process? Please contact any of the members of the Awards Committee or Staff Liaison, Samantha Regosch at [email protected].